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Our services to partners

The Alliance has developed an integrated range of services that support partners who wish to publicise and promote their destination or travel pursuit to very best effect.

    This is achieved through :
  • The International Travel Writers Alliance : which reaches over 7,200 professional travel writers, editors, broadcasters and photographers, and
  • AllWays (, which provides features, information and incentives to the travel consumers.

While some of the services provided free, the Alliance will also charge a fee where we work in more detail partners.

Because of the wide range of services offered through the Alliance and AllWays, our partners will often produce a checklist of their requirements, which then forms the basis for further discussion.

The fees shown are for each service in isolation. Where a package of services is agreed, a fee will be negotiated that best meets the partner’s budget.

The International Travel Writers Alliance

Distribution services

The Alliance can support its partners through the following distribution initiatives :

1. The Alliance bulletin
The Alliance will be happy to include items on a partner’s destination or travel pursuit in its bi-monthly bulletin.

These can include an initial item in the Reason to write about section followed by items on accommodation the A place to stay section and items of general interest in the Leads section.

Each of these will carry a web link and media contact details.

The fee :
There will be no cost for placing items in the bulletin.

2. The Destination dossier

The Alliance works with partners on the production of Destination dossier, a detailed media briefing on a destination or travel pursuit.

The dossier will be :

1. distributed to all members of the Alliance as an attachment to a covering email, and
2. published on the Alliance website in a word format that is easy to use and download.

In addition, items from the dossier will be used for items in the Alliance’s bi-monthly bulletin when a link to it will be included.

Partners can also use the dossier for their own press pack material.

Finally the dossier can form the basis for independent and group press trips organised by the partner (see Press trips below).

Once produced the dossier can be updated and reissued annually at minimal cost.

The fee :
The cost of producing and distributing a destination dossier from material provided by the partner will be £880 (plus VAT where appropriate).

If the partner requires the Alliance to visit the destination in order to compile and write up the information, a fee for this will be agreed.

3. The Alliance alert

The Alliance can email a special alert to all or sections of it membership to notify them of a particular press trip, networking event events or other activity or initiative.

When producing its alerts the Alliance will work with its partner to ensure these have the greatest impact.

The fee :
The fee for an Alliance alert is £225 (plus VAT where appropriate).

Web services

The Alliance can support partners through the following website initiatives :

4. The partner profiles

All partners involved with a destination or travel pursuit can register with the Alliance and have their profiles placed in the partner profiles section of the Alliance website.

The fee :
There is no cost for this

5. The portfolio pages

Partners can also have a dedicated portfolio page on the Alliance website, which will contain detailed information and images on the destination or travel pursuit with sponsorship and advertising messages if appropriate.

The portfolio will be accessed via the profile pages and by direct access.

The fee :
The one-off fee for a portfolio page will be 92 (plus VAT where appropriate).

6. The Alliance viewfinder package

Partners can place their images in the 26 image boxes throughout the Alliance website with a caption and web link to each.

Reference to these will be made in the bi-monthly published while the images are live.

The fee :
The fee for the viewfinder package is 640 per four-week period (plus VAT where appropriate).

7. The opportunities

Partners can place information on group and individual press trip facilities in the Opportunities section of the Alliance website

The fee :
There is no cost for this.

Consultancy services

The Alliance can also support through the following consultancy initiatives including :

8. Networking events

The Alliance can work with partners in organising UK or USA press networking events, which bring together travel partners and professional travel writers, editors, broadcasters and photographers.

This will include producing an event briefing for those Alliance members who are unable to attend the event.

The fee :
Because each partner’s requirements regarding press trips will be different, the fee for this will be negotiated on an individual basis.

9. Press trip management

The Alliance is able to support partners in all aspects of the planning, arranging and running of group and individual press trips.

The fee :
Because each event is different, the fee for this service is negotiated on an event-by-event basis.

10. Other initiatives

In addition to the above, the Alliance can devise and develop particular initiatives with its partners.

These can be particularly effect where a destination is:
  • new and emerging into the international tourist market
  • experiencing or recovering from a crisis, or
  • planning a special event or activity that requires particular publicity or promotion.


AllWays is the consumer travel service from the Alliance, which launched in July 2008.

AllWays allows subscribers, known as AllWays travellers, to enjoy the finest travel writing and images from the Alliance’s travel writers and photographers and to take advantage of the many offers and incentives from a wide range of travel partners.

Individuals will become AllWays travellers by subscribing free on the AllWays website.

In doing so they will provide contact and lifestyle information, which will enable the Alliance to work with its partners in providing them with carefully targeted travel information.

Distribution services

AllWays offers partners a range of distribution opportunities including :

1. AllWays traveller e-newsletter

IItems and images on a destination or travel pursuit can appear in AllWays traveller, the monthly e-newsletter to subscribers.

The fee :
There is no cost for this.

2. AllWays traveller to ***

A special AllWays traveller, which focuses on a destination or travel pursuit, can be produced and sent to all subscribers.

It can also be sent by partner’s to their own stakeholders.

    In producing a special issue of AllWays traveller to the partner will :
  • choose the image in the newsletter masthead with a web wink
  • agree the copy and images, and
  • decide on any partner logos (with web links) and advertising messages.

The fee :
The fee for a special issue of AllWays traveller is 1,350 (plus VAT where appropriate).

3. The AllWays alert

The Alliance is able to email its AllWays subscribers with information on a destination or travel pursuit.

This email can be to all AllWays travellers or to those with a profile that meets the partners requirements.

The fee :
The fee for this will be 250 (plus VAT where appropriate).

4. The AllWays delivery

The Alliance is also able to post promotional material to those AllWays travellers who meet the stakeholder profile of a particular partner.

The fee :
Because each postal distribution will be different, an appropriate fee will be agreed on an individual basis.

Website services

The Alliance can support partners through the following website initiatives :

5. The AllWays viewfinder package

The viewfinder package enables partners to select the images at the top of the home pages of the AllWays website with a web link.

These images will also appear with text in the AllWays traveller e-newsletter.

The fee :
The fee for the viewfinder package is 910 for a four-week period.

6. AllWays online

Travel Writers who visit a partners destination or experience a travel pursuit will be able to produce features and images for AllWays online - the features section of the AllWays website.

Where Alliance members visit a destination through an Alliance organised press trip they will agree to produce a feature when accepting a place on the trip.

The fee :
There is no cost for AllWays online features although, once produced, partners can sponsor the page for 50 providing the choice of image in the masthead and the advertising messages in the right hand column.

7. AllWays more ***

The AllWays more series of online mini-guide will provide essential information and images on a destination or travel pursuit.

The guide will also be highlighted in a special email to AllWays travellers and in the next available issue of the AllWays traveller e-newsletter.

The mini-guide can also be useful where a destination might not have this information readily available in English.

In addition, the information compiled for the AllWays more guide can also be used by the partner for their own uses.

The fee :
The one-off fee for producing an AllWays more mini-guide will be 250 (plus VAT where appropriate).

8. The AllWays travel club

The AllWays travel club section of the website will enable partners to offer discounts and incentives to AllWays subscribers who book direct with them.

Where individuals want to take advantage of the offer, their booking will be made with the partner direct.

The fee :
The one-off fee for a page in the AllWays travel club is 150 (plus VAT where appropriate).

More information

For more information or to discuss any of the services offer by the Alliance and AllWays please contact :

Ashley Gibbins
Director General
The International Travel Writers Alliance
0776 419 8286